SHIELD - Platinum


SHIELD - Platinum Our enterprise-level Business Continuity Planning software tool designed for businesses with enterprise-level requirements for their BCP solutions.

Key Features include:

  • 250+ pages of BCP knowledge content honed since 1983 
  • Access to 36 sample teams to  give you a framework to build your BCP.
  • 15 GB of storage for your critical documents
  • Access to our Quick Start Guide for detailed instructions
  • Integrated Threat Risk Assessment (TRA)
  • Integrated, customizable Business Impact Analysis (BIA) allowing you to tailor your BIA questions to your business 
  • Customizable password policy to facilitate corporate password requirements
  • Access to SHIELD Communications (SMS, email, and conference calling) – inquire about Task Management to ensure projects are always up to date and completed on time. 
  • 12 Mentoring sessions with our BCAAS team to help you take the right steps with BCP and with SHIELD
  • Use of SHIELD Mobile for all team members 
  • Unlimited Read Only, Read/Write, Administrator, and Auditor users 
  • ISO-22301 ready tool